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Beverage industry - water technology according to purity law

08.09.2017 The July issue of the VDMA Nachrichten published the article "Beverage industry - Water technology with cleanliness" in its column Focus Technology. This article dealt in depth with the foodstuff water.

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Step instructions for selection and use of automation technology in water and wastewater technology

10.09.2015 The member companies of the VDMA Water and Wastewater Technology Group of the VDMA Process Plant and Equipment Association and also those of the VDMA Electric Automation Association (involving other companies) drew up the VDMA Specification 24658: 2015-07 "Water treatment and waste water treatment: Process automation to increase operational efficiency and reliability - Advice for planning, engineering and execution phases". The new VDMA Specification is currently at DIN for examination.

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Separation of emulsions in metalworking and metalprocessing

27.07.2015 This VDMA Specification applies to installations and plant for emulsion separation in the scope of Annex 40, metal processing, metal finishing within the Waste Water Ordinance.

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Dewatering of sludges from drinking water purification

Water is the most important drink to humans and essential to the survival of mankind. The rapid population growth particularly in so-called megacities and by that the necessary supply of the population with drinking water as well as the contamination of surface waters are a great challenge for drinking water purification plants.

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Efficiency + Resources

International Energy Agency (IEA) -Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016 published

09.01.2017 The latest update of this report has been just published.

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Brochure about the EU Water Blueprint

27.10.2014 In 2014, the European Union published the brochure "A Water Blueprint for Europe". The brochure facilitates tackling the topic Water Blueprint.

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Multiphase pumps for energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment

Multiphase pumps are dynamic mixers performing two functions. On the one hand, liquids are being enriched with gases, on the other hand, these liquid-gas mixtures are being transported.

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Reasonable comparison of mixer solutions in wastewater treatment

Agitators are hydraulic machines that transform electrical energy into flow energy. Measurements in open turbulent systems are difficult to reproduce and therefore not comparable. This made it difficult for planners and operators to compare or estimate the efficiency of agitators.

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Water technology: Energy efficient and resource-friendly

02.05.2014 The Process Plant and Equipment Association within VDMA takes part in the BLUE COMPETENCE initiative. Our member companies supply energy efficient and resource-friendly solutions which are exemplary for the very highest plant safety.

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